What We Offer ?
  Why Us ?
• In Business since 1993
• ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified
• Long years of field Experience
• Better infrastructure & Process
• Cost Effective
In a short period of time we have got equipped ourselves to match the Quality Standards which evolved through our constant interaction with the customers.
We have always overcome hurdles and come out with success‚ with tolerance up to 5 microns. We can also re-engineer the component submitted to us and thus can substitute import. We intend to be a one stop shop for all your engineering requirements. We assure you the development of your product in terms of related machining activities and willingness to invest for its development‚ if required.
We are proud of our expert and experienced manpower in the departments like Production‚ Quality‚ Engineering‚ Methods‚ Commercial & Accounts.
We hate to compromise with quality. Our quality control staff knows what quality means in terms of SPC‚ MSA, Machine capacity‚ Line inspection & Self inspection.
Quality and process improvements have been our top priorities right from the formation of the company. This has made us acquire a good deal of expertise required for developing complicated precision components.
Quality Policy
“We all employees at AAA ENGG are committed to manufacture & supply Precision machined automotive components to achieve customer satisfaction. We shall achieve this through reducing rejection, customer complaints, continual improvement in product quality, housekeeping, delivery performance and maximizing personnel safety.” In order to focus on giving customers defect free products, Quality functions are integrated with manufacturing functions. To make producers responsible for Quality, operators were trained in inspection – for their own job. Standards were developed and conformance became full responsible of the production department with online QC. Over a period of 10 years, the change process evolved and the company learnt “How to improve in challenging times.”
Quality Systems
ISO-TS 16949:2009 Certification
The focus is to Manufacture Automobile Products of Excellent and Consistent Quality to meet Customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in Technology and Systems. Since the inception of each company in the AAA ENGG, each product has opened up new and better avenues of growth. Each Company has visualized every assignment as a new challenge to go beyond the conventional. Acceptance of each challenge with confidence and commitment has earned the AAA ENGG an enviable clientele.
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